A 6" round mat for growing microgreens in small containers.  Sold in 50 count pack.


Great option for those who grow microgreens for sale at local markets, or for sampling your customers. 


Grow in round plastic bow, just pop on a lid and sell live greens!

PolyROOT® MGM: 6" Circles - 50 Pack

  • What is PolyROOT® Synthetic Soil? 


    A Hydroponic Growing Medium. Clean and Soil-Less.  


    • IDEAL FOR: Growing microgreens, wheatgrass, micro herbs & more.
    • Grow FAST! Grow EASY! Grow CLEAN! microgreens hydroponically in inert material
    • INDOOR COUNTERTOP GARDENING: Made to fit standard 10x20 growing trays
    • THICK ROOT GROWTH: 3-Dimensional design provides growers with the most favorable crop outcome.
    • WATER HOLDING CAPACITY: Perfect environment for seeds to germinate and grow with less watering


    Happy growing!


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