Perfect for those who want to cut MGM to varied lengths. 


The roll is 24" x 89' long, designed for growers who grow in a wide table format, i.e. deep water hydroponics. 


This is 1st quality material, just less total length.

PolyROOT® MGM: 24"x 89' Roll

$148.42 Regular Price
$133.58Sale Price
  • What is PolyROOT® Synthetic Soil? 


    A Hydroponic Growing Medium. Clean and Soil-Less.  


    • IDEAL FOR: Growing microgreens, wheatgrass, micro herbs & more.
    • Grow FAST! Grow EASY! Grow CLEAN! microgreens hydroponically in inert material
    • INDOOR COUNTERTOP GARDENING: Made to fit standard 10x20 growing trays
    • THICK ROOT GROWTH: 3-Dimensional design provides growers with the most favorable crop outcome.
    • WATER HOLDING CAPACITY: Perfect environment for seeds to germinate and grow with less watering


    Happy growing!


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